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Print prices available upon request

please read before booking a session - important information 

Please review the product pricing before booking a session to make sure it is within your price range. Prints and other products are not included in the session fee costs as described above. There are no refunds on session fees once the session has taken place. Depending on what type of session you are choosing, the time may vary. Photo sessions can range anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours depending on the photo session you are choosing and the number of people being photographed.

Within 1-2 weeks after your session (sometimes sooner than that), you will be able to view the photographer selected photos from the session in your online viewing gallery. Each image is carefully edited by the photographer. Session fees are for the time and talent of photographer. Prints, digital downloads, and any other products are available for purchase at an additional cost from your viewing gallery.

If no products are ordered from your online viewing gallery after 180 days, the gallery may be removed from my web page and will no longer be available for viewing. All photos from each session will be archived for up to one year. After that time there is no guarantee that they will remain on file or online.

An online ordering system is offered here through an online viewing gallery where the photographs can be viewed and products can be purchased in the gallery and shipped directly to you. The client is responsible for shipping charges from product orders from the gallery. Massachusetts clients are subject to 6.25% Massachusetts State Sales Tax on all print orders. No MA Sales Tax for session service fees or digital download products.

Dan Wenc Photography | WENC media maintains copyright of all images. Copying, scanning, modification, screen shots or downloading of images is prohibited and is a violation of copyright. Digital files, along with a personal use printing license can be purchased for personal use only.

portrait client session questions

Where can I see samples of your photography work?

You can visit the Portfolio section on this web page.

When can we schedule a date and time?

Weekends are best, with occasional availability during the week. Weekday evening sessions are available during the spring and summer months. Later part of the evening, usually 1-2 hours before sunset are best times for sun and lighting for outdoor sessions. Photo session time availability are generally pretty flexible. We will also set a rain date in case of undesirable photography weather or if photographer or client has to reschedule due to unforeseen circumstances. Just contact me and we will figure it out.

Choosing location:

Outdoor photography sessions have been the most requested types of sessions over the past several years. I have a selection of outdoor locations that I can suggest. I am always open to suggestions or client preferences. Photo locations are generally limited to Central Massachusetts. If you request a photo location 25 miles driving distance, beyond zip code 01588, a charge of $2.00 per mile beyond 25 miles will be added to cost. I also offer indoor, studio style, photography also, with a choice of several backgrounds.

Who will be photographed?

When scheduling your photo session, let me know how many people will be photographed during this session. Will everyone be getting an individual photo taken? Or is this just a group photo. It is good to know how many people will be photographed, as a group or individuals, so that we can plan for time.  It is imperative that everyone in your session be there at the time of the photo session. It is recommended that everyone in your party be arrive at least 10-15 minutes before the session. I will not "photo shop" someone into a photograph who may be late or missing.

Family photo sessions are just that. I will not combine any outside family or friends other than the immediate family being photographed. For example, a senior photo session cannot be thrown into a family photo session. Photo sessions are limited to six people, and additional people will be subject to additional fee per person.

Can I bring my pets?

You are welcome to bring your pet to the shoot to be included if you desire. Keep in mind that pets can be easily distracted and can also distract the humans in the session. This may consume a lot of the allotted time of the photo session.

What should I wear?

Click here to to view information for what to wear.

How long will a photo session last?  

Generally an hour or ½ hour session is selected. Most portrait sessions generally take about one hour. If there are multiple locations, or many people to be photographed, it might take an over one hour. Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time and have everyone who will be photographed arrive on time also. Senior photo sessions typically last up to two hours. The time of the session depends upon your requests and the number of people in your party being photographed.

What to expect after photo shoot?

After careful review of the photographs taken during the session, I will edit and present to you only those photographs that, in my sole judgment, best represent the work. Photographs from the session will be digitally processed and edited. Selected Photographs from the photo session made available for review in your online viewing gallery. From there you will be able to view your photos, select favorite and downloads, share with friends and family and this is where you will be able to purchase your prints and products. Photographs in the viewing gallery will contain a watermark on the image. Digital downloads and prints will not have a watermark.

How long will it take before I can view my photos in the online preview gallery?

Selection, editing and processing of photos may take between 2-4 weeks. Sometimes sooner depending on the current workload. You will receive an email from the photographer, with a link for your gallery when it is complete.  You may share the link with whomever you choose.  

Now that I’ve got my link to my gallery, what do I do now?

Enjoy your photos. Take your time and go through your photos, select which ones you like the most. It is recommended that you register yourself for a free account on the webpage, where you will be able to add your Favorite photos to a “Favorites” online file. This will help you to choose and narrow down the photos you like the most, for future ordering.  Be sure to “Save” your favorites selections when you are done with each online session. You should select your favorite photos and note what size you would like for each photo for the photo package you have selected.

Click here to watch this short video on how you will view, create favorites gallery and purchase prints from your viewing gallery.

How long will my photos be available for online viewing?

Your photos will remain in your private online viewing for up to one year from the date of the photo session.  After 180 days with no purchase activity, the gallery may be removed from the photographer’s webpage without notification to the client. If the Client requests to reopen the online proofing gallery after the 180 days or the 12 months, or requests the Photographer retrieve photographs from another method of digital storage, if available; a $50 un-archival fee shall apply.

How much will this cost?

Contact me and we can discuss your photo session and product options. Each type of session or service might vary. Prints, digital downloads and other products are not included in the session fee. A session fee is for the time and talents of the photographer, including editing and processing of photos from your session.

Additional prints and products purchased outside of your package will be purchased online through the viewing gallery by the client. Massachusetts residents will be subject to MA State Sales tax of 6.25% for print orders. Online orders will also included shipping costs, which are paid for by the client.  Tax and shipping will be calculated at checkout. 

Print and product price list is available upon request.

products: I offer a wide array of products for purchase, including prints, canvas, metal prints, digital downloads, holiday cards, and gift items.

payments: All payments must be made in full prior to, or at the time of the photo session. Cash, credit cards and checks are accepted payments. Payments can be made through an electronic invoice or directly at my secure web page.

photo return policy: There are no refunds or returns on photo prints or other products.

cancellations: Upon scheduling the initial session, a second rain date may also be scheduled. In the event that you or the photographer or you have to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, we can reschedule for the rain date. I don't have cancellation fees. I fully refund your session fee if your photo session has to be cancelled for whatever reason (i.e. weather, you cancel or photographers has to cancel, or whatever reason there might be), or we can reschedule another date and hold open a credit for your account for future session.

Use the CONTACT form for any other questions not listed here.

print purchase and digital licensing use

How do I purchase a print that I saw on your web page or social media? 

Most of the photos that you see here or my social media pages are available for print purchase or licensing. Contact me with your interest.

Commercial Licensing of Digital Images options are available.

Please use the CONTACT form for these inquires. Please specify what photo you are interested in and where you found it

Serious inquiries only!

Description of Services, Conditions, Fees:

IN THE EVENT OF INCLEMENT/POOR WEATHER: Client/Photographer agree to be flexible to time and date based on weather. In the event that foul weather prevails on the agreed upon date. Rain or make up date to be re-scheduled by Client and Photographer.  

CANCELLATION: ​ In the event of unforeseen circumstances with either the Photographer or Client, and the session cannot take place at the agreed upon time, the session can be rescheduled at an amicable time and date agreed upon by the Photographer and Client. Or, payments made to the Photographer by the Client will be refunded to Client in full. If the Client fails to show up for the scheduled date and time of the photo session without calling or otherwise reasonably communicating with the Photographer, Client shall forfeit any fees or payments already made.

GENERAL: Photographer takes the photos as is. Photographer is not responsible for hair, makeup or clothing associated with the photo session. Client is responsible for their general appearance, facial expressions, clothing, hair, and stance during the photo sessions. The aforementioned is the sole responsibility of the client or person being photographed. Photographer is not responsible for property or surroundings within the photo location. Photos and videos are taken as is, if the client does not want a particular item in the photo, it will have to be physically removed from the photography/video area.

IMAGE EDITING: All images are taken in a high quality RAW/DNG digital format and transferred to high resolution JPEG format, post processing. Following the photo session, the Photographer will make edits, enhancements, coloring corrections, clarity adjustments, cropping and apply other digital photographic editing methods as needed in Adobe Lightroom. Light blemishes may be corrected on a case by case basis, on certain photos.

Photographer takes the photos as is. Photographer will not edit physical features (face or body), or edit people in or out of photographs. Photographer will not remove or edit objects from the photo. Photographer will not remove or edit out power lines, buildings, structures, people, other moveable or non-movable objects situated in the finished photo products.

ONLINE VIEWING GALLERY: Upon completion of your photo session, Photographer will review and edit the photographs from the session. After careful review of the photographs taken pursuant to this Agreement, Photographer will edit and present to Client only those photographs that, in Photographer's sole judgment, best represent Photographer's work. The default setting for your Online Viewing Gallery is set to Public. At the Client's written request, the Online Viewing Gallery can be set to Private/Password Protected Gallery. From your Online Viewing Gallery, you can view and download the photos

DIGITAL IMAGES: All digital JPEG images in the viewing gallery will be available for download. There are no additional fees or cost per download. For digital download products, only JPEG images will be provided to the client.  Selected and applicable JPEG images will be set for availability to download directly from the Client Online Viewing Gallery, without watermark. A complete set of the digital JPEG images from your Online Viewing Gallery are available on a USB external storage device at additional cost, upon request. 

RAW images are not available to the client for portrait sessions, or unless otherwise agreed upon. 

RAW/DNG images may be available to Aerial Photography and Commercial Photography clients, as agreed upon between Client and Photographer.

TRAVEL FEES: ​The Client shall pay $2.00 per mile for travel to locations of more than 25 miles of Zip Code 01588. 

INDEMNIFICATION: ​The Photographer shall be held harmless and not responsible for any and all injury to Client or others present, during the course of the photography session and the immediately surrounding events. The Photographer shall be held harmless and not responsible for any damage to clothing or other personal property. 

LIABILITY LIMITS:​ Although Photographer shall take due care to perform photography services pursuant to this Agreement, Photographer’s liability for any loss, damage, or failure to deliver photographs (including for acts of God, terrorism, accident, illness, equipment failure, data loss, or any incident of unpredictable misfortune) shall be limited to Payments made pursuant to this Agreement. 

COPYRIGHT: ​As the author of all photographs made pursuant to this Agreement and as provided by law, Photographer retains the copyright in and to the photographs. The parties agree that the photographs are not works made for hire in accordance with 17 U.S.C. § 101, and that Photographer retains those exclusive rights in the photographs provided by 17 U.S.C. § 106, including the rights to reproduce the copyrighted work, prepare derivative works based on the copyrighted work, distribute copies of the copyrighted work to the public, and display the work. 

CLIENT'S USE OF PHOTOGRAPHS:​ Unless otherwise agreed upon between the Client and Photographer, Client may use the photographs taken pursuant to this Agreement for personal, non-commercial purposes, including display on personal websites, social media and copies for family and friends, if, when customary, credit is given to Photographer. Client agrees to not permit or assist with any commercial use or sale of the photographs without specific written consent of Photographer. 

RETENTION OF PHOTOGRAPHS:​ Photographer will retain copies of the photographs taken pursuant to this Agreement for at least 12 months after the portrait session. The Client photo gallery for this session, will remain available online in the gallery for at least 12 months after the portrait session. If the Client requests to reopen the online proofing gallery after the 12 months, or requests the Photographer retrieve photographs from another method of digital storage, if available; a $30 Un-archival fee shall apply.

MODEL RELEASE:​ Client grants Photographer and Photographer's heirs, legal representatives, and assigns the irrevocable, perpetual, and unrestricted right to use the photographs taken pursuant to this Agreement in all forms, media and manners, in conjunction with Client's own or a fictitious name, for advertising, trade, promotion, exhibition, or any other lawful purposes. Client now and in the future waives any right to review or approve: the photographs themselves, the use of the photographs, or the  matter that may be used in conjunction with the photographs. Client waives any right to royalties or other compensation arising from or related to the use of the photographs. Client releases, discharges, and agrees to hold harmless  Photographer and Photographer's heirs, legal representatives, and assigns from any liability by virtue of any blurring, distortion, alteration, optical illusion, or use in composite form, whether intentional or otherwise, that may occur or be produced in the taking, processing, or publication of the photographs. 

OPTING OUT OF SOCIAL MEDIA SHARING OR PUBLIC VIEW ON WEB PAGES: Client may opt out to having photos used on the Photographer’s Social Media Accounts or publicly facing web pages. Client must notify the photographer in writing, email preferred, requesting that photos will not be shared on the photographers social media channels or web page.

MISCELLANEOUS: ​This Agreement incorporates the entire understanding of the parties. Any modifications to this Agreement must be in writing and signed by all parties. If any provision of this Agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable by law, the validity of this Agreement in whole shall not be affected, and the other provisions of the Agreement shall remain in full force and effect. No waiver of any breach of any term or provision of this Agreement shall be construed to be, or shall be, a waiver of any other breach of this Agreement. No waiver shall be binding unless in writing and signed by the party or parties waiving the breach. The paragraph, section, and article headings used in this Agreement are intended solely for convenience and reference and shall not in any manner amend, limit, modify, or otherwise be used in the interpretation of any of the provisions of this Agreement. 

COST OF PRINTS/PRODUCTS: Price lists for prints and other photography products are available from the Photographer upon request. Prints are not included in the cost of this session fee. Prints and other products will be available for purchase in the Online Viewing Gallery a la carte menu at additional cost. Payment of applicable sales tax and shipping costs are the responsibility of the Client. There are no returns on prints that you purchase from your viewing gallery.

PAYMENTS:​ Client agrees to pay Photographer the agreed upon fee as described below and contained or within a separate the Electronic Invoice. Payment is due on or before the photo session date, or upon completion of a photo assignment. Payments can be made in form of Cash, Check, Credit Card or Payment Direct through the Electronic Invoice with Credit Card. An Electronic Invoice will be sent to the Client Prior to the session and must be paid in full before the session starts or release of any photographs. By making payment for your photo session, you agree to the terms and conditions of this contract.

PRINT RELEASE: Client may download and print photos from their gallery through other printing services. A written print release document can be provided to the Client upon request. Typically, Print Releases have not been required by photo printing facilities.


The following applies to Aerial Photography & Video Clients. 

Photographer is an FAA Certified Part 107 Remote Pilot, otherwise known as a “Drone” pilot. All Client flight missions will be insured per mission, for at least $1 million dollar liability limit, a Certificate of Insurance will be provided to the Client, upon their request. 

A (UAS) Unmanned Aircraft Systems, commonly known as a “drone”; for purposes of this contract it will be referred to as UAS.

UAS flights are subject to FAA rules, regulations and any applicable flight restrictions. Photographer will adhere to all applicable FAA rules and regulations and any applicable local laws or ordinance, without exception. UAS flights will be conducted during daylight hours. Any night flying operations will be subject to advance notice by the Client and will incur additional fees.

All UAS flights are conducted at the discretion of the Photographer/ Remote Pilot In Command (RPIC). Consideration for UAS flight will include, but not limited to, weather conditions, location, any FAA flight restrictions, ground traffic, site hazards, power lines, obstacles, takeoff and landing areas, equipment functionality or failures. Flight operations can be cancelled or aborted at any time at the decision of the Photographer, as the RPIC. The Photographer/RPIC is response for the safe operation of the UAS and for the persons and property in the area. Photographer will not take direction from anyone, including the Client, that is deemed dangerous, reckless or hazardous, in violation of established FAA Rules and Regulations or other applicable laws.

Each location can vary with terrain and other physical structures, including terrain, trees, building and other structures that can affect visual line of sight. These issues will be taken into consideration when preparing for UAS flight operations.

Prior to the flight, Photographer will review the location where photograph and/or video will be conducted. Photographer will review the location for any FAA restrictions or airspace issues, as well as physical location, to include obstructions, trees, power lines, buildings and any other physical hazards. Generally this site review will be conducted by reviewing Google Maps, and area will be reviewed at the time of the flight.

Aerial photographs will be taken in RAW/DNG format. Unless otherwise requested, all photos will be delivered to the Client in a high resolution JPEG format, edited and enhanced for color corrections, clarity, cropping and other various Adobe Lightroom image quality enhancements, as needed.

Upon Client request, images can be delivered to the client in RAW/DNG, un-edited format. 

Photographer does not edit out power lines, large structures or objects, nor will Photographer edit in any items that are not present in the area to be photographed. All photo and video is taken as the location is. Only minor image enhancements will be made to improve quality, coloring, cropping and clarity of the image.

During a UAS flight for videography, Photographer will take several separate video clips. Video can be provided to the Client as is, with stand alone clips. Video can be provided in an edited, clip combined, video montage to include titles, graphics, and music. The length of the video can depend upon the conditions, location, photo assignment, requests and/or agreement made between the Client and Photographer.

Use the CONTACT form to schedule your session, purchase prints or if you have any additional questions.